Reset the Net

Hi everyone! Today is Reset The Net Day. You can get some pretty cheap SSL certificates at today.

I can't afford to turn on encryption right now. But I'm going to try to upgrade to the the other SquareSpace plan that lets you turn on encryption. But I'd have to let my domain expire first. I don't know if I'll have this website at the end of the year. I might switch it to San Diego Video Gaming Society and maybe I'll move to WordPress or something.

All the tools you need to encrypt things with are here:


Happy Holidays!

I hope you all have a merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate. I can't wait till next year. Yellow Ostrich will be playing at The Casbah and maybe I'll finally get to see Shonen Knife! You should all get a Kiwi Connect, it's a new site kind of like Meetup but it has a Kiwi Layering system, which is kind of like Google+ circles. Here's the website:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone, I hope you have a good Thanksgiving. This is also a post about Black Friday deals. Last of Us will be $25 at walmart on Black Friday. Alot of the PS4 Games at Amazon are $49.00 right now. Also there are some games free on the Playstation mobile app, not to be confused with the Playstation app. I don't know about Cyber Monday Deals yet. Here's a list of Video Game deals: Also Happy Thanksgiving!

Comic-Con International 2013

Hey everybody! I'm really excited for this year's Comic-Con. Unfortunately I can't embed the schedule this year. Hopefully I will get to see the Breaking Bad panel in Hall H. I'm probably not even going to try going to the Lionsgate panel because it has Hunger Games and that will be a really long line and I'd probably have to stay overnight at Comic-Con if I wanted to get in. I think if I arrive at Comic-Con at 6 am I can probably get in for the Breaking Bad Panel. I'm also excited about W00tstock at the Balboa Theatre which is Nerd Church and has Wil Wheaton, Paul and Storm, and Adam Savage.  I'm also going to a Nerd HQ event at Petco Park which will be a Kick Ass 2 panel which has a signing after.


Anyway here's a link to my schedule:


Site redesign!

Thank you Squarespace for being so reliable! I think like the only time my site went under maintenance was two years ago! It was incredible how during hurricane sand, your site was still working. Anyways I'm really happy with this design. Some posts got lost because I was to lazy too import more. Also yesterday was my birthday and I saw Suzanne Vega. Tomorrow I am seeing The Hives at The Belly Up in Solana Beach!

Gutsy Blog Coco Kefir Giveaway

It looks really good. Kefir is good for you because it is full of probiotics. Are you lactose intolerant? Then well this is the kefir for you. The flavors they have are CocoYo which is yogurt which they just use the young coconut flesh. The others are from coconut water with added bacteria to it. There's regular, citrus, and apple cinnamon. I want to try the apple cinnamon!

Gutsy blog summer fruit giveaway

It's very important to get organic produce. Organic produce has more nutrition and less toxins than conventional produce. Melissa's Produce sounds like it's awesome! If you can't get organic produce, atleast go to a farmer's market. I really like strawberries as a summer fruit. The prize is a box of organic seasonal produce!

Here's the link:

Gutsy blog Homemade Magnesium Oil and GIVEAWAY!

Magnesium oil is awesome! Gutsy blog has instructions how to make magnesium oil and is giving it away. Most people are deficient in magnesium. Also Cheeseslave was the first time I thought about using magnesium oil. It can also help back pain and insomnia. It also helps constipation.  Here's the giveaway:

Label GMOS! Yes on 37!

Vote yes on  37! Because we have a right to know what's in our food and people will still buy gmo things regardless. Like even though Good Health Natural Foods chips have gmos I eat them because they're cooked in olive oil or avocado oil. People know McDonald's is crap for you and yet they still go. Alot of people drink soda, even though soda is bad for you. I drink soda but only soda that has real sugar. So please volunteer, donate, share on social media. Please follow this link and pledge to vote and also do the 1 thing a day pledge.  

 Also if you'd like to endorse the prop then go to join us then endorsements.

Comic-Con next week!

I'm so excited! I'll try to take more pictures this year. Last year I was too lazy lol. Anyways here's my schedule:



I'll also be going to events like Sonic Boom and W00tstock! Those are seperate events though. Hopefully I'll be able to make it to X-Play. That can be pretty hard to get into. W00tstock is at Balboa Theatre and Sonic Boom is at House of Blues. Maybe I'll go to Psych instead of X-Play. Or I might just go to X-Play. I probably have a better chance of getting into X-Play.


 I have quite a hard decision on Comic-Con saturday because I can see Bo Burnham, The Aquabats, or go to the MythBusters panel.


I decided to see Bo Burnham!


Celtic Sea Salt Contest


This is a $22.00 value! Also it's 2 pound.


It's important to use sea salt because refined salt is overprocessed. Also because you lose all the minerals. You may wonder shouldn't I be salt free. I'm here to tell you no, the problem is overprocessed salt that causes all kind of problems in your body. Alot of thyroid problems come from not eating salt. But you can't use just any sea salt because it may be bleached and processed. Luckily this is very good salt! 


Celtic Sea Salt website:


Contest and source:

Royal Berkey Contest!

I'm writing about this because there is a contest for a Travel Berkey on Fun Saving Money! What makes these systems so wonderful is that they filter out alot of chemicals and they can filter out fluoride. It's used by Peace Corps and the Red Cross!  


The Travel Berkey can't filter out fluoride.


Internet Blackout Day!

Happy Internet Blackout Day everyone! SOPA is bad because if you were to upload a Michael Jackson song you would get 5 years in prison! Imagine all the businesses that just want to share content with eachother and then everyone is suing each other. It would be very bad! Also sites like Facebook and Youtube would get shut down. The nice thing is my sites already black, therefore it's already blacked out!

Happy New Year!

I hope you all have a great 2012! What are your New Year Resolutions?


Mine are:


Join a CSA and maybe a CO-OP. CO-OP doesn't make much sense to me because I'm not a vegeterian though sometimes there are things cheaper there and it's only $15 a year.

To drink more of my raw milk when I get some.

To eat more things cooked in lard, butter. and beef tallow.

Maybe mix coconut oil in drinks?


Try to avoid sugar but I do pretty well because now adays I don't get sodas at restaurants. I only get sodas if it's real sugar.

Earthing maybe. Well it's pretty easy to do just take your shoes off and walk around. Although I'm talking about getting earthing stuff.

More sprouted grains or less regular grains.

More fermented veggies!


I get home next week!